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Why We Make Everything in the USA


Pick up your favorite t-shirt, your favorite backpack, your favorite jacket. Chances are most of those were made overseas, and imported to America. Why do companies do this? Well, labor is cheap overseas, so the companies that make those products can make a lot more money and charge lower prices.

La Rosa Designs used to have manufacturing factories overseas too, but we moved everything back to the USA. Besides being based here, and our founder being a proud American, why bring the manufacturing back to the US?

Job Creation

The first, obvious reason to have everything made in the US: we get to fill more jobs in America. We’ve got machine workers, seamstresses, and office staff working together under one roof. The entire La Rosa family get to see each other every day, offer ideas strait to Don, and really feel like they’re an integral part of our success.


So, jobs are great, but that doesn’t mean as much to every consumer as it does to us. There are a few great benefits we get to pass on to our customers too. The first: our quality is top notch.

Manufacturing overseas is like having a restaurant where the chef doesn’t work in the kitchen. Things might start off well, but without a little oversight and a visionary, things fall apart.

Don’s got a window in his office that looks out into the manufacturing floor. Don sources the materials (leather, canvas, foam, etc), gets it to the shop, and everything is made right here. With this much control and oversight, the quality of the products made at La Rosa Design is always top notch.

From the saddlebags, to the exhaust heat shields, everything is machined and sewn right here.


The other great benefit for our customers is that delivery from La Rosa Designs is unrivaled.

Since everything starts its life here in the US, delivery times are MUCH faster than a lot of our competitors. Everything right through shipping is taken care of here, so our speed of delivery is unrivaled.

Plus, we’re never back ordered. Since the shop is adjacent to our not-so “corporate” office, we can work a custom order the same day and get it out the door. That’s how we’re able to have (and be so proud of) a 100% order fill rate.

We’re not here to make a judgement about overseas manufacturing. It’s not our place to decide what works for other companies. What we’re proud to share are what the benefits of American made products means for you: phenomenal quality, and the assurance that your order will be filled, even if Don has to hop on the machinery himself.